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Catalina Bucur.


Creative dreamer. Fail proof queen in her own kitchen and mind (you might not want to ask other people what they think of this!). Rookie food photographer. Addicted foodie and serious craver. Curious about fitness, cross-training, working out and the whole wide world. President of her own planet. In love. And stubbornly happy.


13 November 2009. I had just turned 25 and I was “vigorously” celebrating my seventeenth our spent at work that day – actually, do you even call it “that day” when the clock says 1 a.m. and you are just writing, writing, writing your fingers off, eyes bloodshot and thinking: “dear me, I have to be back here, in this newsroom, at 7 a.m. to start again?!” I must report that such a celebration required an appropriate “dinner”: I was spoiling myself with what I used to call back then my KFC menu”. Now, I don’t wanna gross you out from the very beginning, but I have to be honest: it contained 5 crispy strips, 3 hot wings, one chicken piece (my favorite back then!), a big stack of fries, one cole-slaw salad, two buns, two garlic-mayo sauces and a big gulp of coke. Diet coke, of course! Yup, you can go throw up right now. I was the very-much-unhappy owner of 81 kg (that’s like 178.5 in pounds, mind you!), I was barely going out with my old friends (who had the time to answer the phone back then?) and I felt miserable.


Fast-forward a few months later. It was the summer of 2010. I even have a picture from back then, I have to search for it and show it to you, although you might really get scared and make a run for it: I had a boney face and arms looking like thin fragile tree-branches. In that photo, I was cutting up some watermelon in Vama Veche, a little village in my country right by the Black Sea. I was wearing a huge smile on my face and looking straight out of a picture taken in Somalia, sans the fly-hive around me. After almost six months of eating an almost exclusive raw-vegan diet, I was slowly fading away on my feet! I thought I was very healthy (hey, I was eating only uncooked plants and fruit). The truth was that I was going through some very weird times in my life: I alternated going to the gym seven times a week with a highly undocumented raw-food diet and also skipping meals. As a treat, I kept having “my KFC menu” once about every three week (and imagine what THAT gross thing did to my poor veggie-used stomach!) I had 56 kilograms (123.4 pounds) and declared that I was feeling GREAT! Actually, I was still miserable.


Since then I started to pay a lot of attention to food and to take eating very seriously. Sometimes, I might take it even too seriously – my boyfriend could easily bring proof to that, given the fact that one recent afternoon he had to listen to his very talkative girlfriend ramble for a whole hour about the dangers of sugar in our foods. I had just finished watching a debate on you tube from a very prestigious university in the United States of America and I completely zoned him out with my blabber about enzymes, carbs, fat liver disease and the dangers of fructose. In the last years I finally understood that “knowledge is power” and I am trying to do more research and find out as much as I can about nutrition, working out and what’s the actual meaning of “living a healthy life”. And I also realized that everything starts with and from happiness. And what that means to each and everyone of us.


So I started a quest to find out what works for me. I started eating more than in my raw-vegan months (when my meals consisted of a couple of greens and half a watermelon for lunch), but I am eating more nutritious aliments and whole foods. I am trying to use mostly natural ingredients, and would go for unprocessed as often as I can. And I started cooking – because a foodie can’t survive with just a few nibs of greens and some vinaigrette, right? I am on a continuous crusade to find gorgeous, mount-watering, eye candy recipes that can be modified into healthier versions, so my mind, body and health can be at peace! I started to work-out consistently, but not over-doing it at the gym, not to lose weight, but to make my body stronger and better prepared to carry me happily through life – and also, to get a natural DE-stress and also tons of endorphins my way! I started to treasure the simple things in life: a journey to a foreign country with my boyfriend, a weekend at a cabin in the mountains, a sea-side trip in the summer, a fresh lemonade in the city, a night out with friends or an afternoon with my father and grandma. Life is made out of stories, and I am ready to listen, watch and live all those stories in store for me.

But most of all, I learned (and still am learning!) to be nicer to me and my body. To appreciate it for what it gives me every day and to repay him. This hippy-zen-don’t-worry-be-happy thing might not work everyday. Heck, sometimes it doesn’t work for weeks in a row. But all in all, it works. And I’m on the right track.

It will surely be a hell of a ride!